Online Exercise Class

 Designed specifically to strengthen your body stabilisers

Get Strong & Stable in our 30-minute online exercise class designed specifically to strengthen your body stabilisers – your shoulder rotator cuff, glutes, and core muscles. When these muscles don’t work well, our shoulders, hips, and spinal joints are more likely to take the load; and when it gets too much for our joints, you can bet that pain and injury follow soon afterwards.

Why be Strong & Stable? Because when you have a strong foundation, your body can move freely and without pain now and into the future.


During the class, our experienced physio will take you through a series of exercises to wake up key muscles you never knew you had, as well as provide feedback and modifications to suit your level. Perfect for beginners to exercise and time-poor people who are keen to prevent injury. It will run entirely online via video conference so you can easily turn your living room into your workout space. Low impact and no equipment required!

Class sizes are limited to 8 people, so book in quick to secure your spot.



Who will run the class? 

Nicole will be running the Thursday classes to begin with, however you can expect to see Russell and Graham get involved as we expand into other classes.

What sort of exercise can I expect? 

The class is designed to build strength through resistance exercise. There’s a lot that can be done at home with just using your body weight! It will also be low-impact so if you have joint problems, you’ll be able to do the class without flaring up. Nicole will be drawing on her 10 years of physiotherapy experience to put together a program that draws from yoga, pilates, and rehab exercises.

What do I need to prepare for the class? 

To prepare yourself for our class, please don’t forget:

1. Water bottle

2. Fitness Mat or Towel

3. Floor space enough for you to stretch out on and a bit of wall space to lean against

4. Comfortable clothing and foot wear (or bare feet)

5. A computer set up with a webcam and a stable internet connection

Do I need to have my video turned on in the class? 

We recommend turning on your video during the class so the physio can check your technique as you go through the exercises. However, if you would prefer not to have your video switched on, that’s okay, too!