B. Physio. APAM • M. Manip Physio MPAM, RMCP

Graham Nelson


Areas of Specialty

Running performance and injury prevention/management, Tennis Elbow, Cervicogenic Headache.

Graham is an experienced clinician, graduating from La Trobe University in 1993. He has established a strong medical background, working in such hospitals as Ballarat Base, The Alfred and Austin and Repatriation Medical Center. He has also worked in England, where he had the opportunity to further develop his manual and orthopaedic skills, and has worked full time in private practice since returning to Melbourne in 1996.

He has completed a Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy (LaTrobe University) through which he developed specialist skills in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. He updates his knowledge and skills frequently through professional development courses, seminars and inservices.

Graham’s approach is methodical and hands-on, emphasizing quality of service and holistic patient management. He is focused on achieving fast and sustainable results for his clients, and educating them on maintaining optimal musculoskeletal health. Graham is also a Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner(RMCP) which means that he has gained specialised knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of the whole musculoskeletal system to gain best outcomes for his clients.

Graham’s area of clinical interest are cervicogenic headache, neural conditions and tennis elbow. The latter is the subject of his Masters thesis which was completed in 2001.

Graham is a father of two and a keen runner, completing 6 marathons to date and “countless” 10km races and half marathons. His interest in running has expanded his knowledge in the area of running biomechanics, running injuries and strength and conditioning for runners.

Graham has also written an ebook on how to improve your running and prevent injury with strength and speed training, which you can download here.