Hands on Physiotherapy

Hands on treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions


Hands on physiotherapy treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions using a systematic whole body problem solving approach. Our focus is your best result, finding the cause of your problem and showing you how you can prevent future episodes to keep you well long term.
Results can be achieved rapidly during the process, and pain-free full function can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks.

The Client Experience – Ridgway Method (RM) Approach

ridgway method a hands on physiotherapy

WHY Client Interview & Explain the RM Process?

We use this hands on physiotherapy method to help us understand your main problem at a deeper level.

  1. How does this affect your life at present?
  2. What is a good result for you?
  3. How can your physiotherapist achieve this for you?
  4. Does our approach align with your expectations, values and beliefs?

Understanding is key in achieving your desired outcomes. Through our experiences the more our clients understand about their condition the faster results are achieved.

Why Assess (and Treat) ‘Anything Blocking’ Progress?

Did you know that your nerves need to glide for optimal function?

Nerves not sliding can be the first barrier towards progress. Fixing nerve gliding is the first step to achieving your good result.

At this stage we are also looking for red flags. These are signs and symptoms of a more serious condition that may need to be explored further.

How can we measure if your condition is improving?

Our hands on physiotherapy method allows us to use key movement tests, along with photos and videos of before and after’s. We plot these changes to your key movement tests on a progress graph.

Why a Whole-body Assessment?

Local symptoms can be caused from remote sources or in other words, where your pain is may not be where the problem is. Use of a whole-body assessment allows us to Identify areas that are dysfunctional – Muscles / Joints / Functional Movements – and potentially contributing to your condition.

We don’t want to miss anything that may be the underlying cause of your condition.

Why Trial Treatments?

Our hands on physiotherapy systematic approach of testing which of the dysfunctions identified in the whole body assessment are part of your problem. We aim to narrow down to find your key structure/area that produces the greatest change.

This is known as the PCF – Primary Contributing Factor

Why a Whole-body Re-Assessment?

This is to confirm that we have found the primary cause of the condition and we are also addressing any secondary contributors.

Why More Treatment & Behavioural Change + Exercise?

We treat the PCF to an optimal state to achieve your good result. We also investigate why this primary structure is under load and dysfunctional. Following this we develop strategies to minimize load on the structure, strengthen and improve your posture and function.

Why Improve Performance & Sustain Full-Function Pain-Free

The NWPG hands on physiotherapy empowers you to manage your condition long-term without reliance on regular treatment. We work alongside complementary health providers, ensuring good posture and movement skills are transferred to other facets of life including work, training and sport.

This enables long-term health and prevents recurrence of the problem. 

Experience the power of hands on physiotherapy and start your journey to pain-free living. Schedule your session with our physio experts and discover the difference it can make!