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NWPG is a Melbourne sports physio based in Essendon

Sports Physio Essendon

With an ex-AFL Physiotherapist (Western Bulldogs), a 6 time marathon runner, and a black belt in Kendo on the team, we are well versed to assess, treat and rehabilitate any sports injury that may present to our sports physio Essendon clinic.


As one of the most experienced Melbourne sports physio clinics, we have all had extensive experience treating the athletic and recreational sporting communities, from the elite and sub-elite levels to local footballers, golfers, tennis players, and runners…and of course the weekend warriors! We have also experienced injuries ourselves, so understand the frustration, commitment, and optimal mindset required to get the best results.

What is sports physiotherapy?

sports-physio-runner-injurySports physiotherapy is a specific area of physiotherapy that is used to treat athletes and sports or recreational injuries. It is the physiotherapist’s responsibility to thoroughly assess the injured athlete and then provide a recommended plan of care that will address the athlete’s needs and promote a return to play as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports physiotherapy also uses physiotherapy treatment methods to keep sports individuals in top-notch condition. A sports physiotherapist is an expert who can diagnose and treat injuries and conditions, and manage the issues that arise from all kinds of sporting activities, such as running, soccer, basketball, rugby etc. Sports physiotherapists are found in every entry of sports medicine, from amateur to professional and Olympics level. Sports physiotherapists play a vital role in the recovery of sports injuries, and in reaching optimal fitness levels. And what is great about sports physiotherapists is that they are a specialist who works with you to get you back in game action as soon as possible.

Understanding the 2 Main Types of Sports Injuries

Acute/traumatic Sports Injuries


These are injuries that are sustained suddenly while playing or engaging in sports. Common examples are muscle tears, like hamstring, calf or quadriceps tears in running sports. They also include ligament injuries, like ankle or knee ligament sprains, where there is damage to the ligaments that support a joint and hold opposing surfaces of the joint together.

Traumatic injuries may involve collision on a sports field between players, causing bruising and muscles contusions or even shoulder/elbow dislocations and fractured bones. Concussion related injuries are another example of traumatic injuries, and need specific management. Concussion can also cause whiplash type injuries to the neck, which need careful assessment and treatment to return to sport in a sustained and safe manner.

Chronic/Gradual Onset Injuries

These injuries do not occur suddenly and generally develop over time. Common examples are anterior knee pain (pain at front of the knee, sometimes called runners or jumpers knee), Achilles tendinopathy, buttock or sciatic pain, or low back pain. They also may involve the tendons around the shoulder or elbow, such as tennis elbow or rotator cuff syndrome.

These types of injuries are generally multi-factorial in their causes. They may develop from extrinsic factors, such as:

  • sudden changes in training volume
  • running surface/incline
  • changing equipment, like racquets, clubs, or shoes.

Other factors such as stress, poor diet, poor sleep and an upset work/life balance can also contribute to these injuries.

sports-physio-soccer-injuryIntrinsic contributors to chronic injuries can be poor strength or control around the shoulder girdle or lumbar- pelvic areas, or muscle and joint imbalances in remote areas that build up over time, which we all experience. This strain can accumulate and then trigger an injury if our body cannot restore its own balance on its own. The injury then becomes a warning sign of the imbalance in the body, and the need to rest, recover and restore the balance.

Sports Injury & Pain Management

The way we manage sports injuries is quite different from other Melbourne sports physio Essendon clinics or sports chiropractors. We believe we are one of the best physios in Melbourne and we can get you back on track quickly!

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The Way our Sports Physio Essendon Clinic Manages Sports Injuries

  1. We’ll take a great history, including the mechanism of injury, which will often give us a good idea about what structures are involved if it’s an acute injury.
  2. We perform a thorough local assessment of the area concerned, which will include relevant ligament and orthopaedic tests.
  3. Our sports physiotherapist will look for remote contributors to the injury. This involves a more extensive assessment of areas above and below the injury site, as well as more remote areas. If you have an acute injury and are not moving well as a result, eg if you are limping or naturally protecting the area, it will cause other compensations in your body, and protective responses can develop. It is these responses and compensations that can slow down your recovery, and there is a specific system we use to test whether remote areas are related to your current injury. This will apply for an acute ankle sprain or shoulder over use injury.
  4. Use dynamic sport physiotherapy and give you an accurate diagnosis, as well as a plan to get you back to sport as soon as is safe and feasible. Because we treat anything in your body that may contribute to your injury developing, or that will influence recovery, we can get you back on the track or out on the field much quicker than if these remote areas were not addressed.
  5. We will always communicate with your coach or trainer as to your progress and what they can do to help your return and rehab.
  6. We will coordinate your rehab and have a network of professionals we can involve, including sports physicians, surgeons, trainers and exercise physiologists that we can call upon to get the best long term result for you.

How to book an appointment with a sports physio in essendon

With our experience, knowledge, networks and systems, we can achieve a fast and durable return to sport for you.

Sports Injuries We Treat

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