Shoulder Pain Explained

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Do you have persistent shoulder pain and unsure what’s causing it?


Do you have persistent shoulder pain which interrupts your normal work or sporting activities?

This report will explain why shoulder pain, particularly impingement occurs and how to manage it to become painfree again.  

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket type articulation where the rounded head of the arm bone or humerus sits in a shallow concave cup of the glenoid which is part of the shoulder blade or scapula  bone.  

There is a very narrow space to accommodate the tendons which move your arm and control the head of the humerus to allow painfree movement without pinching or irritation.  That space is called the subacromial space and compromise or narrowing of the space can cause pain with overhead shoulder movements or with reaching, lifting or with static positions.  Shoulder impingement can have varied causes many of which can be determined by careful clinical examination and appropriate testing using x-ray or ultrasound.  

There are 2 main types of impingement, primary and secondary.   


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