3 Months Of Sciatic Pain Resolves With Manual Therapy In 10 Days


A client returned to our clinic following unsuccessful treatment  elsewhere for persistent back and left leg pain. 

The 59 year old lady reported the development of sciatica after working in the garden. She was normally very active but could only stand or sit for 5 minutes. Bending and walking increased the leg pain and she couldn’t exercise.

Assessment revealed no neurological deficits but positive neural tension signs. Lumbar movements-particularly forward flexion were painfully limited. She had muscle guarding in the left upper lumbar paraspinal muscles and trigger points in the left gluteals. Treatment directed at releasing the stiff thorocolumbar  muscles and spinal segments and neural mobilising using “slump” techniques improved her pain levels 80% in 10 days and allowed her to start gardening and exercise again.

She continues with treatment to prevent further episodes and progress self-management exercises.

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