A Simple Way To Assess Muscle Tension At Work


Working for long periods of time at a desk can lead to increased muscle tension.

Today, we will show you a simple test to monitor the build up of muscle tension in the upper trapezius, a muscle at the base of the neck.

It’s important to be aware of increased muscle tension which can lead to strain and later, pain. Cath will show you how to feel for tension in the upper trapezius by raising her shoulder or stretching her neck.

When testing, the muscle should be soft and relaxed, if tensed, it it often due to the shoulders rolling forward and the upper trunk being bent. Correct this by gently straightening the upper trunk and pulling the shoulder blades back and down. Ideally, check for muscle tension and correct every 30 to 60 minutes. If you still can’t reduce tension in the upper trapezius by correcting your posture, visit our website for a simple routine of exercises.

If tightness or tension persist, there may be other issues that we can address, call Northwest Physiotherapy Group on 9370 5654.

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