Back Pain In Late Pregnancy Clears After 2 Treatments


Mrs O presented at 36 weeks pregnant with a 2 month history of left back pain causing difficulty with weightbearing, walking and flexing her left hip.  This was noticeably worse when getting out of bed at night.

On assessment Mrs O was a well looking 34 year old with a good range of back and hip movement.  Neurodynamic testing was clear.  She was sore when transferring her weight onto her left leg.  She was tender over the left sacro iliac joint and had gluteal muscle guarding when shifting her weight.

Mrs O improved within 2 treatments with a gluteal muscle releases combined with hip extension in side lying and weight transference in standing.  At the end of her second visit she was walking painfree and remained symptom free when I called her 3 weeks later.  Mrs O was given a series of back and pelvic mobilising exercises to continue independently. 

This demonstrates a dramatic and durable improvement by carefully assessing and treating the primary driver of Mrs O’s pain which was overactivity and guarding in the left gluteal muscles.

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