Twelve Months Of Hamstring Pain Cleared With Treatment To The Thoracic Spine.


A 12 year old active student presented with a long term left hamstring injury following a fall which was initially assessed on ultrasound scanning as a partial muscle tear. He was frustrated at not being able to return to soccer or tennis without frequent flare ups. He was sore after exercising at training and at the end of the school day.

The young man tested weaker for left hamstring strength and had increased left paraspinal muscle guarding in standing. Transferring from sitting cross legged to standing was difficult and increased his hamstring pain.

He underwent a full body assessment and on testing and treating the main dysfunctional structures the best improvement came from mobilising his mid thoracic spine. Hamstring strength, pain free range of movement and ease of transfers all improved. We treated the thoracic spine and retested the other objective signs which also improved. He was given a course of postural awareness and thoracic strengthening exercises to continue independently.

 The young man is fully participating in his sport with no restriction.

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